Wednesday, January 12, 2011

suzie stanford

I won't start by going into how I came across this marvellous designer as it goes something like, 'a friend of a son of a friend of a son of a friend.....'. Besides, once you lay your eyes on Suzie's pieces, you definitely won't care how I found her, if, indeed you ever did. As Suzie Stanford's work is testimony to, it isn't how you find, it's what you do with what you've found.

Suzie admits in her own bio her fascination for the discarded. It is this that took her into her primary occupation: jewellery making. She still supplies annual collections to Paul Smith. However, it is her more recent forray into one-off pieces that has really captured my attention. Collecting, combining and upholstering vintage tea towels and tapestries, she has created extraordinary pieces. These pieces are certainly not cheap owing to the hours of work involved, and are highly sought after.

Squint London
The work is not unlike that of Squint in London yet I feel it adds something more to the genre of eclectic upholstery. Suzie's work seems to really say something and tell a story, just as she intends. Her pieces have a real personality, a personality that makes me smile.

English Themed Tea-Towel Upholstery

I just can't get over this Flamingo Tapestry Chair.

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