Saturday, February 26, 2011

paper dolls

A new addition to the long list of 'things I would like to take home from Australia' :

Aside from this great bag's reminding me of the great cut-out paper dolls I used to love as a child, AND the fact that it comes with a needle and thread, and so is actually designed to be used, this bag has stolen my heart for one further reason: the doll's name is Rosie. I'm a real sucker for anything that shares my name(s) or initials.

Rosie (and her boyfriend Robbie) the lovely cut-out dolls can also be find on teatowels, wrapping paper and gift and greetings cards alongside the rest of Sydney company TMOD's, aptly described, experiential stationery designs. From the cut-out pieces, to the dot-to-dot giftwrap and 'scratchie' cards, TMOD products are designed to be used and played around with. Such great, great, yet beautifully simple ideas, I am in awe.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

happy camper

My boyfriend and I are in the midst of planning a few weeks travel down the East Coast of Australia for April and May. It has been torturous in many parts, making hard decisions based on time and budget constraints: what to, and not to see. I can see why the phenonenon of so-called 'grey nomads' has emerged in Australia (upon retirement, many Australian couples are selling up, buying a camper-van and taking a few years to tour the whole of this expansive island). There really is so much to see, and we will certainly be making many return trips!

Byron Bay does seem to have made the cut, so far (our itenary is proving highly dynamic!), and my lovely colleague, when brainstorming with me for inexpensive accomodation ideas, came up with this beauty:

Heaven: a bottle of San Pel in a white-washed Adirondack Chair

Now, caravans are decidedly and affirmedly NOT cool. Aren't they? These are clearly an exception to the age-old rule. For beach-side, casual accomodation, these caravans at Atlantic, Byron Bay are brilliant. Hoping that with the reduction in prices out of season at our time of visiting, I can proudly add these to our blossoming itenary!

With gorgeous vintage styling and polished aluminium interiors, these compact caravans still hold a double bed and private bathroom. So no showering over the kitchen sink then... phew!

Cool Beachside Caravans. What a great idea and so well executed here. Only begs the question - why don't we see this more!? I see a resurgence on the horizon....

 PS. I've got to also point out that Atlantic at Byron Bay also offers a whole range of different accomodation options, from simple and sufficient shared rooms to expansive ensuite studios. This is not really a travel blog, nor, crucially, a travel brochure, otherwise rest-assured I would have copied out their whole website here for you too to admire! The whole place just screams of the kind of calm, casual and lack of pretence that a true holiday is all about.

Monday, February 07, 2011

button it

Take a look at the assorted selection of oversized ceramic buttons by Have You Met Miss Jones. A certain vibe of The Borrowers, I feel. Just a few from the huge and varied selection of white ceramic pieces available from this fantastic Australian company.


making friends

Three days a week I have another job which is located at, what is fair to describe, the wrong end of Swan Street, Richmond. Alongside other failings, the area is woefully lacking in quality lunch spots. Until, that is, I made a friend.

Discovering Friends of Mine a few weeks ago, I felt like I'd stumbled upon a mirage. But after pinching myself, I was happy to discover this place was not only real but bloody gorgeous as well.

It doesn't take much to please me, but brick walls, yellow tolix stools, chandeliers and fresh flowers are a pretty good way to go. And don't get me started on the vintage fittings, distressed wood tables and old glass...

Did I mention that the food is pretty delicious too? Then again, it is Melbourne. Do I really need to?




506 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne.


Discovering Melbourne's Dani M and her truly perfect porcelain jewellery has really made my day. I couldn't wish, nor dream of a more heavenly colour palette.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

map geek

I love the map prints from Bold and Noble, especially this Australian one. One of the best gifts I ever recieved was the GB one, which I got last Christmas. I may be geekily biased, having a Geography degree, but I love that something can be both so striking, aesthetically, and educational! I particularly love this one as it draws attention to some of the more peculiar Australian place names such as Wagga Wagga, Wollongong, Merty Merty (to name but a few) that so childishly entertain me

Bold and Noble do a whole range of great, simple but ingenius prints. As well as Australia, maps are available of New Zealand, USA, Great Britain and London.Available, as shown here, in black and white as well as a gorgeous duck-egg blue. I want them all!
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