Wednesday, January 12, 2011

stoked for sunday

On Sunday, to celebrate our anniversary, I am being taken to The Stokehouse in St Kilda. When we went there last month, I must have been in such raptures over the place that a repeat reservation was immediately made.

Not only was the food fantastic, it just seemed to me, one of the most perfect looking and feeling restaurant. An old refurbished weather-board house, right on the beach, the upstairs restaurants boasts a deep and long balcony that overlooks the sands and sea at St Kilda. I see from wider research, the lovely decor is relatively new and didn't they do a great job! I love the juxtaposition of the old boards and the contemporary furniture. All of the different textures in play: timber, mirrors, tweed fabric, cream leather give the space great depth and variety. 

To me, Stokehouse represents my favourite things about Melbourne. It is classic and stylish with not a hint of stuffiness, casual but still classy. Plus, it has great coffee!

Roll on Sunday...

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