Sunday, January 30, 2011

losing my dragonfruit virginity

I have no idea what came over me.

Despite watching every cent in order to save for our travels in a few months, I couldn't resist these Queensland-grown, excitingly-exotic looking fruits in the Supermarket.

I am embarassed to admit that so lost was I in the rapture of my new purchase, I completely failed to notice myself spending $10 on a piece of fruit.

After a relatively cheap and meagre dinner, I ceremoniously embarked upon the beast, slicking through its leafy thorns from top to bottom, perfectly halving it.

And what a sight to behold:

I feel this image doesn't even do justice to what we found inside. 'Glorious' was the word decided upon by my Boyfriend, and he is absolutely right. I've never seen a better looking fruit. It tasted pretty good too. Not unlike kiwi-fruit, the fruit's flesh had a texture of sorbet and the little black seeds added a pleasing crunch. A fruit success and highly recommended!

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