Sunday, April 03, 2011

douglas + bec (+carlos)

Arriving in Auckland was not ideal. We'd been on the road and living out of a suitcase for a few days, we were tired and our accomodation was rubbish. I needed a pick me up and by heck did I find me one.

A walk up the hill to Ponsonby not only offered a fantastic view it also allowed me a look in the super-fantastic Douglas + Bec. My favourite sort of shop in many ways; I just felt completely at ease there, despite immense product excitement.


Inside, it really feels like being in someone's house. The fantastic products do not overwhelm you from traditional retail displays. Instead, what is a vast selection of super stock is subtly placed to feel more like a gallery of great design and actually, a very relaxing experience.


And in case I've not exhausted my list of excitable positive adjectives, did I mention how terrific the products are? I am saving my very favourite bits for their own posts but you can see, even from these shop shots, a whole host of gems. I love the clusters of skeletal globe shades, those (surprisingly comfortable) chairs and the hand picked and uber thoughtful textiles. I even like all the lamps which is a big deal because I'm kind of hard to please in the lighting stakes!

So, you've seen all this talk on the delectable Douglas + Bec.... I bet you'd like to know who Carlos is?

Bit of a shocker of a photo quality-wise I'm afraid...
My equipment for subtle dog pap-ing leaves much to be desired
The Shop Dog! I must admit being a real sucker for a well placed shop pet. Very cute!

PS. I've just had a gander on Douglas + Bec's website and am excited to report some stunning product photography in preparation for their new online store. EVEN if it won't permit international purchase, it will still be great to get a better look!

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