Tuesday, April 05, 2011

nga waiata

I'm so glad that Nga Waiata's website provides helpful guidance as the the pronounciation of her name (FYI: naaaa-y-a-taa). She informs that it is Maori for 'the songs' or 'music'. 

And she is living true to her namesake because there is something about her rings that indeed makes me want to sing....

There are so many reasons why I am so taken by these rings. I love that, by the very nature of stone and wood, every ring is truly unique. There is something truly earthy about them and somehow very delicate, despite their chunkiness. I love that each ring is made and sold not just for decoration, but also for the spiritual connections some feel with gemstones and crystals and the blessings different stones can bring to your life.

When I went to Australia, a very dear friend who has found great solace in crystals gave me a ruby (my birthstone) and a moonstone (to bring safe travel). What a perfect gift to a traveller! I followed the instructions to cleanse and belong myself to the stones and took them with me everywhere. Whether it was the power of the stones or the power of the belief of a good friend within them, I felt their presence. Then in turn, when my sister was heading to India for 5 months, I sent her an amethyst for emotional stability and inner strength, neccessary for what would be a gut-renching first long stint abroad. I think these rings make fantastic gifts for loved ones (or even ourselves) needing similar reassurance. True or not - there is surely no harm in belief.

My favourite of these? I do truly love them all but I am particularly besotted by the first image, the Lapis Lazuli rings. If not only for their aesthetic value but also for the description delivered alongside it. It promises itself as 'the stone of total awareness, helping to expand the intellect and intuitive aspects of ones character, facilitates clear expression of thoughts, helps you say the right thing at the right time!'

All this in a beautiful objet d'art-come-ring? Yes please!

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