Saturday, December 04, 2010

I went to Melbourne and all I got was....

The beauty of being new to a place is that everything is suddenly fresh. In London I cringe at tourist souvenirs. Mousemats/T-shirts/Teatowels sporting the iconic tube map or Street Name placards are such regular sights, they bore me. Not so in Melbourne. 

Here, I love all products that remind me of where I am. I love the Old Tram Signs that depict the traditional black and white tram destination blind from the Melbourne W-class trams because I know all of the places on the list. I love that these products will allow me to take a little bit of Melbourne back home, providing me with my own nostalgia of my time here, for future times.

An original Destination Blind as seen in The Chapel Street Bazaar

The Victorian 'Hookie' Turn

The products as shown above are just some of those from the company: Make me Iconic. The story behind Make me Iconic is a lovely one. Its founders, born and bred Melburnians, returned to the city after 10 years away, last year and fell in love with it again. The company was born out of wanting to make products that brought the stylish, contemporary and unique elements of the city to life that they so loved.

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